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Economic and Racial Justice Advocates Gather in Atlanta for Guaranteed Income Now, a Conference Celebrating the Growing Movement for Cash

09. 06. 2022

Elected Officials, Advocates, and Participants in Guaranteed Income Pilots from Across the U.S. will Gather to Strategize

Atlanta, GA – On September 28th, people from across the country will convene in Atlanta for Guaranteed Income Now, a conference to discuss how the conversation about guaranteed income has shifted in response to the pandemic and growing economic inequality. The conference is organized by Economic Security Project (ESP), Mayor’s for Guaranteed Income, and Guaranteed Income Community of Practice. In 2017 this community gathered to strategize around how they can support an idea, the idea that cash is one of the most direct and effective ways to provide financial stability to those who most need it, leading to the pivotal Stockton guaranteed income pilot at. Five years later, the same conference organizers are gathering again to look back on all that has been accomplished and to strategize about how the movement can continue its exponential growth. Guaranteed Income Now will take place at the Loudermilk Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia on September 28, 2022.

Guaranteed Income Now is a national convening of leaders across the growing movement for guaranteed income. This event will bring together leaders, advocates, practitioners, and researchers from across the country to hear directly from organizers working hard to bring direct cash to their communities. At the conference, participants  will celebrate the proliferation of guaranteed income pilot programs across the country, discuss how direct cash programs like the Child Tax Credit impact communities, and highlight various ways that conference organizers are investing even more in efforts to support the growing guaranteed income movement.

Hosted by Mayor Michael Tubbs from Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, Natalie Foster from the Economic Security Project, and Dr. Aisha Nyandoro of Springboard To Opportunities and the Guaranteed Income Community of Practice, this event will feature a robust speaking program composed of America’s leading voices in the movement, including keynotes on the history and the future of guaranteed income from Dr. Bernice King and economist Dr. Darrick Hamilton. The event will also spotlight mayors from across the country who can discuss how monthly payments have transformed their cities, as well as researchers who can share new insights on how direct cash programs result in positive impacts far beyond a secure household budget. 

If you are interested in joining the conference in person or for any other media-related questions, please contact [email protected]. More information about the Economic Security Project can be found here.

About Us: Economic Security Project (ESP) mobilizes resources and people behind ideas that build economic power for all Americans. As an ideas advocacy organization, we legitimize our issues by supporting cutting edge research and elevating champions, win concrete policy victories for the communities that need to see change now, and provoke the conventional wisdom to shift what’s considered possible. Our team of academics, organizers, practitioners, and culture makers disburse grants, run issue campaigns, develop creative interventions and research products to support the field, and coordinate events to encourage investment and action from others.