Every American should have the freedom and stability required to thrive.

Our Vision

The Challenge

Inequalities rooted in racism, justified by outdated economic ideas, and maintained by a wealthy few, have left us all less secure and resilient.

An illustration depicting a collage of a scale with people holding the US flag on the left and a collage of skyscrapers, money, and a capitol rotunda on the right. The scale is tipping to the right, towards the symbols of power and money.
What We Do

Economic Security Project advocates for ideas that build economic power for all Americans.

What We Do

Our team disburses grants, runs issue campaigns, develops creative interventions and research products, and convenes the field to advance our issues and turn bold ideas into reality.

Economic Security Project is Founded

A distinguished group of over 100 entrepreneurs, activists, researchers, and philanthropists sign on to the mission of championing direct cash payments to empower Americans to live and work to their full potential.

Mayor Tubbs and ESP Announce First Guaranteed Income Demonstrations in Stockton, CA.

At CASHCon, an Economic Security Project event, Mayor Michael Tubbs announced the first groundbreaking, ESP-backed guaranteed income demonstration: a mayor-led program in Stockton, CA.

Historic Federal Guaranteed Income Bills Introduced in Congress

Representative Rashida Tlaib introduces the BOOST Act, and then-Senator Kamala Harris introduces the LIFT the Middle Class Act, which adopt Economic Security Project’s proposal to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit– the first time since 1969 that a guaranteed income bill has seen real attention in Congress.
Lady Justice holding scale in front of several protest signs that read "Support Workers"

Check corporate power

We are building a robust antimonopoly movement with the cultural and political strength to fight corporate influence and give power back to families.

Martin Luther King Jr. memorial statue

Champion guaranteed income

We’re fighting for a guaranteed income to provide basic security for all Americans. We’ve proven that it reduces inequality, provides opportunity, and makes us more free.

group of smiling people holding signs advocating for cash tax credits in front of US capitol building

Advocate for cash tax credits

We’re working to update and extend cash tax credits, which provide stability so people can get ahead, benefiting families, businesses, and whole communities.


Meet our team

Economic Security Project is a virtual office with staff across the nation.

Economic Security Project’s mailing address is:
228 Park Ave S
PMB 32482
New York, New York 10003-1502 US