Press Release

Economic Security Project Responds to FTC Ban on Non-compete Agreements

04. 23. 2024

“Today’s milestone ushers in a new era of pro-worker antitrust enforcement”

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, the Federal Trade Commission took a major step to empower workers and foster fair competition by voting to ban non-compete agreements. Today’s decision follows an extensive period of public consultation, during which the FTC received overwhelming support from over 27,000 workers, small businesses, and public interest advocates, all supporting a comprehensive prohibition on non-competes.

In response to today’s ruling, Anna Aurilio, Economic Security Project’s Senior Director of Campaigns issued the following statement:

“Whether you’re a sandwich artist, a doctor, or a new CEO, the FTC’s ban on non-compete agreements ensures every worker can freely choose who they want to work for without constraint. Today’s ruling will alleviate the economic pain felt by some 30 million American workers previously trapped in non-competes and will put up to $488 billion more in these workers’ pockets each year.

Today’s milestone ushers in a new era of pro-worker antitrust enforcement, guaranteeing that employers can no longer exploit workers by limiting their future job prospects. By banning non-compete agreements the FTC is unleashing more freedom in the labor market. 

This ruling not only benefits individual workers, but also strengthens the American economy as a whole, promoting competition and innovation, and increasing access to a diverse talent pool for employers. Banning non-compete agreements increases workers’ wages and cuts costs for everyone.

We commend the FTC for leveraging its full authority, including its rulemaking capabilities, to protect American workers and to promote fair competition. Today’s FTC decision is a milestone, and it advances economic opportunities for workers and businesses alike.”