Statement of Belief, Signed by 100+ Leaders

12. 06. 2016

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We believe people need financial security, and cash might be the most effective and efficient way to provide it.

The time has come to consider new, bold ways to make our economy work again for all Americans. In a time of immense wealth, no one should live in poverty, nor should the middle class be consigned to a future of permanent stagnation or anxiety. Automation, globalization, and financialization are changing the nature of work, and these shifts require us to rethink how to guarantee economic opportunity for all.

A basic income is a bold idea with a long history and the potential to free people to pursue the work and life they choose. Now is the time to think seriously about how recurring, unconditional cash stipends could work, how to pay for them, and what the political path might be to make them a reality, even while many of us are engaged in protecting the existing safety net.

The undersigned commit to work over the coming months and years to research, experiment, and inspire others to think through how best to design cash programs that empower Americans to live and work in the new economy.

Founding Signatories of Economic Security Project

Sam Altman President, Y Combinator

Sandhya Anantharaman Co-Director, Universal Income Project

Marcellus Andrews Professor of Economics, Bucknell University

Roy Bahat Head, Bloomberg Beta

Peter Barnes Co-Founder Credo Mobile, Author, With Liberty and Dividends For All

Ian Bassin Former Associate White House Counsel to President Barack Obama

John Battelle EIC + CEO, NewCo

Tom Begich Alaska State Senator-elect

Yochai Benkler Professor, Harvard Law School and Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society

Juliana Bidadanure Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Stanford University

Jeremy Bird Founding Partner & CEO, 270 Strategies

Mia Birdsong Co-Director, Family Story

James K. Boyce Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Rose Broome Co-founder & CEO, HandUp

Ron Carmel Co-Founder, 2D BOY, Indie Fund

Seiji Carpenter Vice President, David Binder Research

Jon Carson Former Executive Director, OFA

Robin Chase Co-founder Zipcar, Author, Peers Inc

Misha Chellam Founder, Tradecraft

Larry Cohen Founder, WhyUBI

Simon Denny Artist

Pedro Domingos Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington

Michael Faye Co-founder, GiveDirectly and Segovia

Natalie Foster Fellow, Institute for the Future

Josh Fryday President, Golden State Opportunity

Alicia Garza Co-founder, Black Lives Matter

Mark Gomez Founder, Leap Forward Project

Marina Gorbis Executive Director, Institute for the Future

Joe Greenstein Co-founder InnerSpace, frmr founder/CEO Flixster

David Grusky Professor of Sociology, Stanford University

Molly Haigh President, Megaphone Strategies

Samuel Hammond Poverty and Welfare Policy Analyst, Niskanen Center

Jeremy Howard Founding researcher, fast.ai

Gerald Huff Technologist

Chris Hughes Co Founder, Facebook

Tim Hwang Co-Founder, Awesome Foundation

Taj James Co-Director, Movement Strategy Center

Leila Janah CEO + Founder, Samasoure and LXMI

Ryan Johnson Executive Director, State Policy Advisors

Sebastian Johnson Policy Advocate

Steve Kest Senior Advisor, Center for Popular Democracy

Josh Kline Artist

Sean Kline Director, San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment

Russell Klusas Founder, Tradecraft

Konrad Kording Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Northwestern University

Kaitlyn & Mike Krieger Founders, Future Justice Fund

Matt Krisiloff Director, Y Combinator Research

Lawrence Lessig Roy L Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard University

Michael Lewis Associate Professor, Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center

Ioana Marinescu Assistant professor, University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy

Courtney Martin Author

Tom Matzzie CEO, CleanChoice Energy

Andrew McCollum

Kate McFarland Basic Income Earth Network

Jane McGonigal Author and game creator

Douglas Meeks Professor of Theology, Emeritus, Vanderbilt University

Sarah Meyohas Artist

Dan O’Sullivan Basic Income Action

Trevor Paglen Artist

Eli Pariser Co-CEO, Upworthy

Leila Pedersen Engagement Manager, New America CA

Serkan Piantino Founder and CEO, Top 1 Networks

Nick Pinkston Founder & CEO, Plethora

Ai-Jen Poo Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Jamil Poonja

john a. powell Director of Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Jim Pugh Co-founder, Universal Income Project

Jose Quinonez CEO, Mission Asset Fund

Connie Razza Director of Campaigns, Center for Popular Democracy

Rob Reich Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

Robert B. Reich Former Secretary of Labor and Professor at University of California, Berkeley

Elizabeth Rhodes Research Director, Y Combinator Research

Tristan Roberts Activist, Basic Income America

Brishen Rogers Associate Professor, Temple University Beasley School of Law

David Rolf President, SEIU 775

Joseph Sanberg Chair, Golden State Opportunity

Scott Santens Moderator, /r/BasicIncome

Kellee Santiago Co-Founder and Investor, Indie Fund

Mark Schmitt Director of Studies, New America

Nathan Schneider Scholar in Residence of Media Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

Rachel Schneider co-author, The Financial Diaries: How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty

David Segal Exec Director at Demand Progress, former Rhode Island State Representative

H. Luke Shaefer Co-author of $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America

Eldar Shafir Professor of Behavioral Science and Public Policy, Princeton University

Kati Sipp Managing Director, National Guestworker Alliance

Gretchen Sisson Research Sociologist, University of California, San Francisco

Derek Slater Policy Strategist

Anne-Marie Slaughter President and CEO, New America

Sandra Smith Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California-Berkeley

Saket Soni Executive Director, National Guestworker Alliance

Michael Stein Game / AR designer

Andy Stern Former President, Service Employees International Union

Kat Taylor Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Beneficial State Bank

David Thigpen Research Affiliate Institute for the Future

Camila Thorndike Co-founder, Our Climate & Carbon Pricing Coordinator, CCAN

Lynda Tran Founding Partner, 270 Strategies

Moshe Y. Vardi George Distinguished Service Professor, Rice University

Dorian Warren Fellow, Roosevelt Institute

Vinitha Watson Founder & Executive Director of Zoo Labs

Albert Wenger Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures

Adam Werbach Former President, Sierra Club

Bill Wielechowski Alaska State Senator

Will Wilkinson Vice President for Policy, Niskanen Center

Felicia Wong President & CEO, Roosevelt Institute

Haeyoung Yoon Director of Strategic Partnerships, National Employment Law Project

Matt Zwolinski Professor of Philosophy, University of San Diego