Video Highlights

Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson
Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson gave his speech on Automatic Benefits for Children: A Kingian Hope for Economic Justice
Lisa Schwartzwald
Liza Schwartzwald, Director of Economic Justice and Family Empowerment at the New York Immigration Coalition
Will White
Will White, Director of Hawaii Budget and Policy Center
JaNaé Bates
JaNaé Bates, Communications Director of ISAIAH, a multiracial group of faith communities, Black barbershops, childcare centers, and more fighting for racial and economic justice in Minnesota


At this convening, we gathered over two days with 178 campaigners, advocates, policy experts and organizers from 35 states who came together to share how we can win big when we campaign big. After two days together we left having connected with colleagues across the country, refueled with beautiful imagery and stories and strategies and tactics that have worked.

In Atlanta we felt the connections and a-ha moments of linking tax policy with the human heart, the laying down of bricks to create the path that connects tax policy and Guaranteed Income and vice-versa. We discussed the next frontiers in our fight for economic justice through cash and how to implement cash policies that give access to those who need them the most. It was a great two days!


Wed 12/6

A Georgia Story

Hope Wollensack, Georgia Resilience & Opportunity Fund

A Year to be Celebrated

Adam Ruben, Economic Security Project

Stories and Strategies Behind Winning in States

Moderator: Adam Ruben, Economic Security Project Panelists: JaNaé Bates: Minnesota ISAIAH, Liza Schwartzwald: NY Immigration Coalition, Will White: Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice

The Bridge between Guaranteed Income and Tax Credits

Harish I. Patel: Economic Security Project

Leveraging Tax Credits to Win on Guaranteed Income

Moderator: Harish I. Patel: Economic Security Project Panelists: Erica Williams: DC Fiscal Policy Institute, Ann Danforth: Maine Equal Justice, Alejandro Queral: Oregon Center for Public Policy

The Time is Now!

Sameera Fazili: Former Deputy Director of the National Economic Council at the White House

The Crystal Ball: 2024 and Congress

Anna Aurilio: Economic Security Project

Running a Guaranteed Income Bill

Facilitator: Shafeka Hashash: Economic Security Project Discussion Leaders: Teri Olle: Economic Security Project, Melody Webb: Mother’s Outreach Network, Steph Silkowski: NY Bridge Project

Charting a Path from Tax Credits to Guaranteed Income

Facilitator: Mona Masri, Economic Security Project Erica Williams: DC Fiscal Policy Institute, Tyler Mac Innis: Oregon Center for Public Policy, Marcy Bowers: Washington Statewide Poverty Action Network

Effective Cash Messaging

Facilitator: Adam Ruben, Economic Security Project Chrissy Blitz and Jenna Severson: Economic Security Project, Hannah Sawyer: Center on Budget Policies and Priorities

Thu 12/7

Automatic Benefits for Children: A Kingian Hope for Economic Justice

Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson, Children’s Defense Fund

Going Public with Tax Credit Campaigns

Moderator: Katrina Gamble, Economic Security Project Rebecca Firestone: Open Sky Policy Institute, Ben Chin: Maine People’s Alliance Deputy Director, Nedia Morsy: Make The Road Organizing Director, Lonia Muckle: CASH Campaign of Maryland

The Guarantee

Natalie Foster, Economic Security Project

Creating a 2024 campaign plan

Facilitator: Rebecca Bailin, Economic Security Project Ann Danforth: Maine Equal Justice, Emily Vyhnanek: Washington State Budget and Policy Center, Amber Wallin, New Mexico State Revenue Alliance

Getting Earned Media on Tax Credits

Facilitator: Jenna Severson, Economic Security Project JaNaé Bates: Minnesota ISAIAH, Charlotte Bruce: Massachusetts Children’s Health Watch, Nora Flaherty-Stanford: Maine People’s Alliance

Policy innovations to center inclusion and access to tax credits

Facilitator: Kelli Smith, Economic Security Project Misha Werschkul: Washington State Budget and Policy Center, Phineas Baxandall: Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, Julie Lowell: Public Assets Institute, Nicole Rodriguez: New Jersey Policy Perspective

Inside Game and Outside Game- play in both!

Facilitator: Stephanie Bonin, Economic Security Project State Senator Omar Aquino, Sarah Austin: Maine Center for Economic Policy, Krystal Peters: Workers Center for Racial Justice

We won, now what happens?

Facilitator: Mónica V. Lazo, Economic Security Project Gabriel Zucker: Code for America, Ancel Tejada: Massachusetts Associations for Community Action, Cody Van Felden: John Burton Advocates for Youth



Sameera Fazili

Former Deputy Director of the National Economic Council of the United States

Natalie Foster

President and co-founder of the Economic Security Project

Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson

Children’s Defense Fund and CDF Action Council President and CEO

Hope Wollensack

Executive Director, Georgia Resilience & Opportunity Fund