Federal CTC and EITC

Racial Justice Groups Urge Passage of Build Back Better Before Year End

12. 06. 2021

Groups call on Senate to support House-passed bill without weakening the Child Tax Credit.

“Now that the House has passed the Build Back Better Act, including a robust Child Tax Credit, it is time for the Senate to take this up. The Senate should pass this legislation as-is, without amendments that would weaken provisions key to the racial equity impact of the Child Tax Credit. The expanded monthly Child Tax Credit must be extended before the end of the year to give families the certainty that the payments will keep coming. If the bill does not pass by the end of the year, we risk throwing millions of children back into poverty in 2022. Passing the Build Back Better Act provides a historic opportunity to reduce childhood poverty and continued support to the most vulnerable children, particularly in Black and Latino families.”

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