Press Release

Economic Security Project Applauds IRS for Taking Steps Towards Free and Simplified Tax Filing

05. 16. 2023

Creating a system that increases access to free and simplified tax filing the IRS is taking steps to ensure everyone gets tax credits they are owed.

Washington, DC – Today, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released its long-awaited report on free and simplified tax filing to Congress, which details steps the agency is already taking to construct and manage a “Direct eFile” tool that taxpayers can use for free through the IRS website. ESP applauds the steps that the IRS is taking, such as the development of a direct file pilot that will start January 2024 and the report that outlines what the IRS needs to create a free and simplified public tax filing option.

After the release of the IRS report, Economic Security Project’s Vice President of Campaigns and Political Strategy Adam Ruben released the statement below:

“Today’s news from the IRS confirms what we’ve long already known – that the IRS has all the data it needs to develop a free and simplified tax filing system for taxpayers across the nation. Taxpayers should have the choice to file taxes for free on the IRS website. If they want to prepare their own taxes or use a paid service they still can, but a free and simplified tax filing option can ensure that more people get the refunds they deserve while also significantly reducing stress for tax filers. It’s time we take the cost and headache out of tax prep – especially for millions of taxpayers in low-income communities and communities of color. ”

The IRS report follows recent reporting that the agency is already developing a free and simplified public tax filing prototype system, which they intend to pilot early next year. In addition, new public opinion polling published on Monday shows that 76% of tax filers – an overwhelming majority – support the creation of this tax filing tool. The poll was published by Navigator Research in exclusive partnership with Economic Security Project. A new public tax filing system will also have outsized benefits for low-income communities and communities of color, who disproportionately see their tax benefits siphoned by private tax preparation companies.