Innovate. Debate. Organize. Invest.

The Economic Security Project in partnership with the Roosevelt Institute, Community Change and the Hewlett Foundation invite you to come together with some of the brightest and boldest thought leaders of today, growing power for public good and raising a new political economy.

We’ll talk about erasing food deserts through public grocery stores, standing up for rights in state houses, winning with green jobs, combating entrenched narratives on direct cash, and marketcrafting towards justice; all big bold ideas are on the table.

At our last event in 2019, we heard from such visionaries as Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, author Stephanie Land, organizer Ai-Jen Poo and the one and only Stacey Abrams. This time we hope to set the stage for 2024 with bold ideas that move us past neoliberal incrementalism and into a new golden age of investment and equitable prosperity.



Angela Garbes

Speaker and Author

Anand Giridharadas

Journalist and Writer

Darrick Hamilton

Founding Director Of The Institute On Race, Power, And Political Economy At The New School

Letitia James

Attorney General of New York

Amba Kak

Executive Director of the AI Now Institute

Brad Lander

New York City Comptroller