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We’re investing in a new paradigm to shape markets to serve communities.

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Building the Public Options Field

02. 13. 2024

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Beyond Monopolies

02. 05. 2024

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From Moment to Movement: The Antimonopoly Fund

09. 22. 2022

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Investing in Research to Inform a New Paradigm

02. 23. 2022

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Anti-Monopoly Fund announces second round of investments

07. 27. 2020

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Anti-Monopoly Fund announces first round of investments

12. 10. 2019

Visit resource page: Anti-Monopoly Fund announces first round of investments


By creating a focal point for advocates, both old and new, in all corners of the field—across the academic, philanthropic, policy, legislative, cultural, and organizing realms—our goal is to fill a gap, playing a part in mainstreaming the movement and curating the space to coordinate, build, and strategize together. At the crux of this movement against corporate concentration is an understanding that we could not leave it to the corporations to do the right thing—to wield limited power with accountability to the public—and that power threatens our economy and democracy. Our mission is to lay the foundation for and then build a robust, sustained movement with the cultural and political power to win key victories in reducing concentrated power; to help low- and middle-income individuals and families in an age of historic economic inequality.

Academic scholarship also plays a critical role in informing paradigm and policy shifts, especially in this field. Research seeds novel theories of harm that can then be applied in litigation against anticompetitive abuses; identifies high-level trends and gaps to inform enforcement priorities and strategies; and introduces new ways of thinking about the problems we’re trying to solve for — so that we may be more creative systematic, and principled when tackling solutions to rein in concentrated private power and build a more equitable economy.

In being against concentrated power, we are for an inclusive, multiracial democracy and economy—one where communities of color, small businesses, workers, and everyday people can thrive, instead of being exploited and subjugated by corporate monopolies.

What We Do

What We Do

Our funds (Antimonopoly Fund, Public Options for America Fund) fill the need of directing resources to organize and expand the efforts of groups already dedicated to creating fair markets and enacting smart enforcement and policy against corporate concentration. Broadly, the goals of these funds are to harness the political and cultural moment we are in to create meaningful structural change to our economy and effectively use civic power to check private power that has fueled the massive inequality and lack of economic mobility that has plagued poor and middle-class Americans for nearly half a century. Ultimately, we aim for this effort to result in a stronger economy and democracy for all Americans.

This zine presents the work and worldview of many of our partners, to help us understand the grip monopolies have on our economies and our lives. You’ll find stories from workers, reports from the field, and conversations from organizers working toward a better world: one where people and community needs are valued over the free reign of monopoly power.