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ABC 10 SACRAMENTO: State lawmaker proposes publicly owned ‘CalCompute’ for AI innovation

02. 09. 2024

"CalCompute would be a publicly owned-and-operated cloud computing cluster."

This segment originally aired on ABC 10 Sacramento.

One of Wiener’s co-sponsors on the legislation is an organization called Economic Security California.

“Our mission is to build an economy where everyone has the freedom and stability to thrive,” said director Teri Olle.

CalCompute would put the power of AI innovation into more hands, she said.

“The vast majority of computing power in the large models are all being run and decided by for-profit commercial companies,” she said. “That corporate concentration really drives what we’re seeing in the world, in terms of innovation and research. CalCompute would be a publicly owned-and-operated cloud computing cluster that would keep a space for research, innovation and development of cutting-edge AI technology in the public interest and that is there for the public good.”