Press Release

Proposed Congressional AI Roadmap Isn’t the Innovation Agenda We Need

05. 15. 2024

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In a statement provided Wednesday, Economic Security Project Executive Director Taylor Jo Isenberg said,

“The AI Roadmap released today demonstrates Congress’ continued interests in AI, yet stops short of calling for specific legislation that would actually enforce and regulate AI in the public interest. We need an innovation agenda for AI that ensures a level playing field for small businesses and entrepreneurs and protects workers from Big Tech’s dominance, and this isn’t it. We can’t repeat the same pattern of letting a handful of companies pick winners and losers in the “free markets,” under the guise of “regulating themselves.” The government’s hands-off regulatory approach has entrenched Big Tech’s monopolies, magnifying privacy and discrimination harms, stifling innovation, ultimately leaving our economy less competitive and resilient. We have a responsibility to make policy choices that ensure this technology delivers prosperity for all, not the few.”