The Power of Cash Narrative Grants supported organizations dedicated to broader narrative change around guaranteed income, telling stories with a local context, and a clear connection to advancing cash policy. From artists in rural Minnesota to those reentering the workforce in Gainesville, Florida, these organizations challenged misconceptions and fostered empathy.


Center for Employment Opportunities

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) created cash+, a policy platform outlining the provision of financial support to people returning from incarceration. This platform was designed and led by people experiencing the reentry process themselves. They recorded a video series documenting the resilience and determination of directly impacted people, showing what they spent their money on and how it transformed their post-incarceration journey. CEO’s advocacy work ensured that formerly incarcerated people became a foremost priority population for guaranteed income programs among advocates and leaders.

Just Income

Just Income GNV

Just Income developed “ReEntry,” an innovative e-learning platform that interactively simulates what it is like to live after incarceration while on probation, and the barriers to reintegration. The platform addresses the significant challenges that former prisoners face, including overwhelming debts from fines and fees associated with the justice system. These financial burdens often lead to a cycle of poverty and re-incarceration, particularly evident in Alachua County, Florida, where nearly a quarter of probation violations stem from financial constraints.  The platform launch was coupled with an outdoor advertising campaign throughout the Gainesville Regional Transit System.  

Just Income’s focus on sustained financial support, such as a guaranteed income, empowers formerly incarcerated individuals to make choices necessary for a positive future, reduce the risk of re-incarceration, and regain control of their lives. Just Income’s efforts contrast with juvenile crime deterrence models like “scared straight,” instead fostering empathy with the public, fostering optimism, community connection, and the broader benefits of re-entry for society as a whole.

New Mexico ERWG

The NM Economic Relief Working Group (ERWG)

The New Mexico Economic Relief Working Group (ERWG) was organized in March 2020 to address systemic barriers to economic relief for mixed-immigration status families and workers. In February 2022, the NMERWG and UpTogether designed, implemented and evaluated the New Mexico Guaranteed Income Pilot Program for Immigrant Families, an 18-month guaranteed income (GI) pilot program to address poverty and economic security for low-income, mixed-status families and workers in New Mexico. EWRG recruited mixed-status, low-income immigrant families ineligible for federal COVID-19 stimulus rebates to participate in the pilot.

As part of the Power of Cash Narrative Grant, Somos un Pueblo Unido worked within their immigrant community base to advocate for the empowerment that GI provides. They organized a cohort to advocate for New Mexico House Bill 303, which offers unrestricted cash stipends from workforce development funds to all workers, including undocumented immigrants, while they participate in workforce training programs including in employment in climate sectors as a transition from fossil fuels. The cohort challenged the narrative within immigrant communities around government assistance and helped participants lead in advocacy for cash policy.

Rooted School

Rooted School Foundation

Rooted Schools produced the second season of their Rooted Cash podcast about its $50 Study, a pilot program that gives students $50 every week with no strings attached. Hosted by Rooted alumni Vernell, DJ Villian, this season exclusively focused on participating students, building on the first season, which focused on the adult administrators. Through discussions about the impacts of income on young people, the podcast sheds light on the positive outcomes of providing financial support for living, working, creating, and learning, and the impact that GI has on the individual student and their family and community. Season three of the podcast is in production and will follow one high school senior for a year to take a closer look at the challenges students experience at this critical time in development, and how cash helps them meet the moment.

Springboard for the Arts

Springboard for the Arts

Springboard for the Arts expanded a guaranteed income pilot program artist cohort in Minnesota to include artists from Otter Tail County with $500/month for 18 months in 2023-24. This was the nation’s first guaranteed income pilot focused on artists in rural places.

With support from the Power of Cash Narrative Grant, Springboard for the Arts hosted two installations of their work entitled Artists Respond: People, Place, and Prosperity. Above, you can see two art installations from Otter Tail County artists about guaranteed income featured in public art galleries. They also developed research that shows the impact unconditional cash had on participating artists and documented how artists lend their skills to movements for economic justice through their rural artist cohort.

The Power of Cash Narrative Grants have amplified voices and stories that often go unheard from our policy debates and show the many ways that guaranteed income has the potential to transform our communities across the country.