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NEWSWEEK: Child Tax Credit Boost on Horizon for One State

05. 15. 2024

"The beauty of the Child Tax Credit is that it's cash that families can utilize to make the choice that's right for their household."

This article was originally published by Newsweek.

“It’s a $300 credit that’s going to go to half the children in the state of Illinois,” Erion Malasi from Economic Security for Illinois told 14 News. “We get there by offering the credit to families that are making about the median income of the State of Illinois.”

“The beauty of the child tax credit is that it’s cash that families can utilize to make the choice that’s right for their household. They’re not limited in how they spend it. So if you need diapers that month, you can get them. You can spend it on clothes,” Malasi continued. “We’ve worked in coalition with over 50 organizations to find a version of the child tax credit that’s right for Illinois, and parents have time and time again said that $300 is enough to make a difference in their livelihoods.”