Panel Recordings

Gov. Whitmer
Keynote Conversation: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer with Emily Ramshaw, CEO and Co-founder of The 19th.
The Guarantee
Investing in the Guarantee Economy: Natalie Foster
Cash as Health
Cash as Health: Dr. Mona Hannah-Attisha in conversation with Melissa Harris-Perry
Cash Avengers
The Cash Avengers with Abigail Marquez, Brian McCabe, Rebecca Thompson, and Gail Geohagen-Pratt
People Power
Winning with People Power: Lorella Praeli, Marcela Diaz, and Hillary Jorgensen
Tax Fight
The Next Tax Fight with Adam Ruben
Centering Caregivers: Deseri Eaton, Teagan Medlin, and Alexandra Patterson
Abdul El-Sayed
Lightning Talk with Abdul El-Sayed
New Narratives
New Narratives and Persuasive Messengers with Aisha Nyandoro and Lydia Storie
Cultural Strategy: Ricardo Beaird, Maura Cuffie-Peterson, and Claudia Maturell

The day was filled with inspiring speakers, collaborative workshops, and thoughtful discussions. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha demonstrated the transformative power of cash for babies and parents in her conversation with Melissa Harris-Perry, explaining how “we can prevent lifelong adversity with a cash prescription.” In our fireside conversation with Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Emily Ramshaw, Governor Whitmer highlighted the vital role of caregivers in our society and underscored the importance of cash policies like the Michigan caregiver tax credit. “By and large, caregiving work is done by women and women of color. We have to realize that it is a service to the state, to the economy and that it is valuable.” Dr. Abdul El-Sayedcalled on us to “fight the twin diseases of racism and poverty” by working to guarantee basic needs like high-quality healthcare. 

We also heard from four government leaders discuss how guaranteed income is inspiring the federal government to rethink how they help families. From Rebecca Thompson of the Treasury Department sharing that Direct File is helping to restore the public’s trust in government to Brian McCabe of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announcing that for the first time ever HUD programs can now apply to use federal funding as direct cash assistance for housing, it’s clear our movement is impacting the way government works. 

Pilot participants themselves, also got the chance to share how cash has transformed their lives. Teagan Medlin, a mother participating in the Rx Kids program in Flint, Michigan, shared the freedom cash has given her to “focus on what my kids want to do” rather than be constrained by financial considerations. 

Our last session was a powerhouse panel of grassroots leaders, including Lorella Praeli, of Community Change, Marcela Diaz of Somos Un Pueblo Unido and Hillary Jorgensen of Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) sharing their insights on organizing unique constituencies around guaranteed income. It was inspiring to hear that when Hillary and CCDC introduced a guaranteed income campaign their membership grew by 20%! She explained that canvassing for the campaign was “one of the best canvassing experiences I’ve ever had,” due to the popularity of cash. And Marcela shared a huge milestone win in New Mexico: that undocumented immigrants–for the first time ever– are eligible for tax credits in the state. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the day than with Lorella rallying the crowd with the battle cry “When we fight, we win!”, just before the Detroit Jit Masters danced into the theatre.

In that room, alongside participants, advocates, researchers, elected officials and more, I felt energized and ready to push back attacks and double our efforts to expand guaranteed income. Get energized by watching our fight-back video and pass it along to your network so they can get inspired, too! 

Day 1 – Tuesday, June 11

12:00 pm

Researcher Roundtable

Hosted by Center for Guaranteed Income Research and Wayne State University

6:00 pm

Welcome Reception

Welcome to Detroit! Join us for happy hour and bites with a special guest toast

Day 2 – Wednesday, June 12

8:00 am

Registration and Breakfast

9:00 am

The Case We Need To Make (Main Stage)

Dorian Warren (Community Change)

Investing in the Guarantee Economy 
Natalie Foster, President of Economic Security Project (ESP) on the policies and politics of the moment that will shape our future.

Centering Caregivers  
Care is the work that makes all other work possible, and that starts with supporting caretakers with the respect and resources they need. Join Aisha Nyandoro (Springboard to Opportunities, Magnolia Mother’s Trust) to hear from the experts: caregivers currently receiving a guaranteed income from across the country 

Panelists include Deseri Eaton (Momentum), Teagan Medlin (Rx Kids), and Alexandra Patterson (Thriving Providers Project).

Cash as Health 
Introduction by Managing Director of the Human Services Program Dr. Raquel Hatter (The Kresge Foundation).

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha (Rx Kids) in conversation with Melissa Harris-Perry, television host and political commentator, for an in-depth conversation about RxKids, how cash can ensure better birth outcomes, and why every child deserves a chance at a healthy future.

11:00 am

Morning Breakout Sessions

New Narratives & Persuasive Messengers (Mainstage) 
Explore the myths that stand in our way, new polling on effective messengers, and the tactics we can use to shift narratives. With panelists Lydia Storie (Caring Across Generations) and Aisha Nyandoro (Springboard for Opportunities), moderated by Shafeka Hashash (ESP).

Harnessing Power in States (Ballroom)
Join to discuss power building in states to win cash for our communities via the tax code. Panelists include Cesar Aleman (Connecticut Urban Opportunity Collaborative), Kathy White (Colorado Fiscal Institute), Liza Schwartzwald (New York Immigration Coalition), Erion Malasi (Economic Security Illinois), Ben Chin (Maine People’s Alliance), moderated by Katrina Gamble (ESP).

Regional Roundtables (Salon)
Facilitated breakouts by region: Midwest, West, NorthEast, and South, to talk to other community members in neighboring states to share strategy, collaborate and build relationships.

12:00 pm


1:00 pm

The Pathways to Making Change

Keynote Conversation
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in conversation with journalist, Co-founder and CEO Emily Ramshaw (The 19th*)

Equitable Access to Cash 
How can we ensure everyone has access to existing benefits? How do we expand what’s possible with Federal dollars? Join journalist Bryce Covert to discuss some of the cutting-edge solutions to delivering cash directly to people.

Panelists include Abigail Marquez (LA County), Brian McCabe (U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development), Rebecca Thompson (U.S. Dept. of the Treasury), and Gail Geohagen-Pratt (NYS Office of Children & Family Services).

2:30 pm

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Cultural Strategy & Storyteller Cinema (Main Stage) 
Examine the role of art in movement building and new storytelling approaches, culminating with a screening of stories from our community on the big screen. With Panelists Ricardo Beaird (Springboard for the Arts), Maura Cuffie-Peterson (Creatives Rebuild New York), and artist/participant Claudia Maturell.

From Pilots to Power: What’s Next for the GI Movement?(Ballroom)
Come prepared to think beyond extending pilot timeframes or moving from private to public funding – this will be about how we build power, mobilize our communities, and reframe how we think about the role of government. Panelists include Candice Vickers (Family Forward Oregon), and Rachel Pyon (Equity And Transformation), moderated by Dorian Warren (Community Change).

Defense and the Fight Back (Salon)
Find a seat around the table where you can get trusted advice on pre-emption, legal assistance, and discuss anti-GI legislation. With experts ReNika Moore (American Civil Liberties Union), Katie Belanger (Local Solutions Support Center), Ashley Burnside (The Center for Law and Social Policy), and Louisa Warren (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities).

3:30 pm

Organizing for the World We Envision

From the Field: The Next Tax Fight 
with Adam Ruben (ESP)

Lightning Talk from Director and Health Officer at Wayne County’s Department of Health, Human & Veterans Services Abdul El-Sayed (Wayne County)

Winning with People Power  
Hear from grassroots leaders on what it takes to organize around GI and which constituencies are ready to organize right now, moderated by Co-President Lorella Praeli (Community Change) in conversation with Marcela Diaz (Somos Un Pueblo Unido) and Hillary Jorgensen (Colorado Cross Disability Coalition).

Closing Performance  
Detroit Jit Masters light up our stage with a performance of this local, dynamic dance style to close out our day and inspire us for the fight ahead.

5:00 pm




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