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Progress And Challenges In IRS Modernizations One Year After Signing Of The Inflation Reduction Act

08. 15. 2023

Hear from leaders and organizations about the importance of direct tax filing, and a fully funded IRS.

Hear from Congressional leaders and organizations about the impact of direct tax filing, the importance of a fully funded IRS, and the ways that the IRS is working to make tax filing free and simple for everyday taxpayers.

The Coalition for Free and Fair Filing is hosting this virtual press conference after the one-year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, which invested $80 billion to modernize the IRS, improve customer service, and develop an IRS-run tax filing option. We’ll highlight IRS accomplishments over the past year, while shining a light on tax prep company malfeasance.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA)
Representative Katie Porter (D-CA-47)

Remarks plus Q&A:
Representative Donald S. Beyer Jr. (D-VA-08)
Brandon Tucker, Color of Change
Adam Ruben, Economic Security Project
Igor Volsky, Groundwork Action
Susan Harley, Public Citizen
Gabriel Zucker, Code for America