Federal CTC and EITC

Public Opinion on the Child Tax Credit

09. 12. 2022

Voters favor the Child Tax Credit by a wide margin. About half strongly favor it.

  • Only 28% of voters have any children under the age of 18 living at home with them, but voters do not need to personally benefit from the Child Tax Credit to favor it.
  • By wide margins, voters favor the Child Tax Credit – 75% favor to 19% oppose. Over half (52%) strongly favor it.
  • Support for the Child Tax Credit crosses party lines – 86% of Democrats, 77% of Independents, and 64% of Republicans favor the Child Tax Credit.
  • Two-thirds (65%) of voters find it convincing that over 100 economists including former Secretaries of the Treasury and Labor say expanding the Child Tax Credit will help working- and middle-class families with rising costs.
  • Voters agree by a nearly six to one margin (80% agree to 14% disagree) that Congress shouldn’t pass any more tax breaks for big corporations unless there’s support for families, too.
  • Messaging that rebuts the need for either a work requirement or a minimum income requirement resonates with voters. The top messages invoke:
  • The hundreds of tax credits for corporations and billionaires compared to one tax credit for families with children
  • The shared value that all children deserve opportunity no matter their class or zip code
  • Denying the Child Tax Credit only punishes children